What does "cookie" mean?

Cookies are tiny data packets that are stored on client computers (the computers of the users) and are used by various web services. They are essential for lots of web pages and applications. Cookies are supported by the most of the web browsers since 1995.

Why are they good for me?

Numerous web services depend on cookies. For example you can log on to a specific website or reach customized content with their help.

Am I being spied on?

No! Cookies are not suitable to determine users' personality, location and to follow their browsing history outside the current page where the particular cookie belongs to. The stored information never contains personal data, they are only necessary for the proper operation of the website or application.

Cookies on donatus.hu site

To achieve the best possible user experience and ensure high-quality functioning, cookies are getting placed on the users' computer. You can remove the cookies at any time and even block them completely through your browser settings. However, in this case you acknowledge tsome parts of this site may not work properly.

Name of cookie Purpose of cookie
cookieconsent_status It gets stored when the user acknowledges the cookie consent notificiation.
language Stores the value of the language selector, remembers the currently used site language.